Heritage of the past

Every culture and tradition of Anatolia is built by painstaking and honedt efforts. Has Halı is a brand which was born in these regions and spread to the whole world. It carries a blessed trave in each knot. With wool and silk carpets ehşch are the products of our cultural heritage.
Had Halı displays the depth of our culture, despite globalism. It reinforce its strength with the collection themes. The best fruit of this approach is the “Ottoman collection”.


Her şeyi göze alarak kararlılıklarından vazgeçmeyen ve kendi küllerinden yeniden doğan Simurg Ankanın hikayesiyle, kendi topraklarından aldığı güçle yoluna devam eden Has Halı’nın hikayesi arasındaki paralellik dikkat çekici. Adını M.Ö. 7. yüzyıldan bu yana birçok kültüre şahitlik etmiş ve Anadolu el halı dokuma sanatının en nadide parçalarının dokunduğu Manisa/Selendi ilçemizden alan koleksiyonumuzda; Kayın ağacından elde edilen iplikler Van de Wiele tezgahlarda, “m2’de 1 milyon düğüm dokuma sıklığında” üretilerek yeryüzünün en güzel şiiri yazılıyor. Uzun bir yolculuğun ardından ortaya çıkan, her dizesiyle tarih yazılacak bir şiir bu. Has Halı, Selendy koleksiyonunda kültürel ögeleri, tarihin derinliklerinde kalmaktan kurtarıp, çağdaş yorumlarla ve MAKUL FİYAT aralıklarıyla günümüze taşıyor. Her şeyin birbirine benzediği dünyamızda yerel kültürlerimizin tasvir edildiği “HAS HALI/SELENDY” markası yükselen değer olarak olması gereken doğru yere konumlanıyor.

Synergy of Styles and Tastes

Baroque style stands out in the Pure Collection by Has Halı. In patterns inspired by nature, stylized roses and leaves are woven in 75 % pure silk and 25 % short wool from sheep from the Erzurum plains. This collection is mainly inspired by the late Ottoman Empire. The Pure Collection is woven in “Gordian” style, the strongest knotting style known. With 256,600 knots per square meter, the Pure Collection completely conforms to the traditions of Turkey’s carpet-making culture, as do all of Has Halı‘s collections.

Royal Reception

The Pera Collection brings together silk and wool, two fibers that are quite difficult to weave together. One of Has Halı’s most admired collections, Pera carpets are composed of threads that are 75 % silk and 25 % short wool that comes from the sheep from the Erzurum plains. The Pera Collection is a rich fusion that captures the taste of Ottoman beauty.

The Miraculous Journey

The richness of silk, a luxurious part of life for more than 4000 years, is now where it deserves to be, in the Hasipek Collection. The Hasipek Collection is filled with the essence of the miraculous journey of silk. Has Halı pays tribute to silk by getting inspiration from antique fabrics, tile motifs and modern colors to create a beautiful collection of carpets.

Faith and Fidelity

What would you feel if you learned the carpet you paid a large sum of money was woven in China? Terrible, of course! Has Halı’s Silk HasHereke Collection inspires faith for its fidelity to carpet-making techniques that have stood the test of time . Hereke carpets, an authentic type of carpets unique to Turkey, is produced with one million knots per square meters and is made exclusively in here in Turkey, conforming to Turkish production techniques. Enjoy our HasHereke Collection for its faithfulness to timeless artistry.

Harmony between skin and texture

Your home will have a warm atmosphere with Art Palace.
Designed with the requirements of modern home life and the comfort of living on the ground, “ArtPalace” brand carpets create sophisticated interiors, while making you feel good when you touch it.
If you want to feel the harmony between carpets and your skin more closely, you can experience this experience in Has Halı showroom.

Ethnic, Authentic, Romantic or You

Modern decorating trends often have the feel of mystery. Sometimes it is a pattern that makes us happy, sometimes it is a color and sometimes it is a texture that gives us the desire to touch. We live in an era where we have a wide variety of design styles and styling languages to work with simultaneously. Floor to Heaven follows this trend; every carpet is made of colors and knots that opens the door to many different emotions.

The passion to beautify the floor

Has Halı, which has been loyal to the production techniques of Turkish carpet weaving for five generations, is increasing its strength with new brands. Established in 1896, Has Halı is preparing to enter venues with Samad, the famous and award-winning brand of New York, for the first time in the new season. Founded with the passion to beautify the spaces, Samad designs are colored using root paint with a rich production infrastructure and philosophy. Thus, eye-catching carpets are created.

Goal: To Create Art. Method: Made by Hand

As one of Has Halı’s incorporated brands, Tissage takes carpet production to the next level. Our Tissage line by famed artist/designer Aaron Kapoor are hand-woven carpets created in the same way as valuable pieces of art.
Using a variety of materials and extraordinary colors, every carpet is internationally trademarked. These artistic pieces become the center of attention in any environment where nothing is left to chance. The brand is inspired by research, knowledge and a desire to always create improvements. Each of these timeless artistic pieces are centerpieces of any home or environment.

Imagination, Inspiration And Design

Has Halı is working together with the American brand to create the Wool and Silk Collection. In our Wool and Silk Collection, inspiration and our designer’s daring vision creates carpets filled with artistic courage. This brand is well known for our choice of materials, our expertise in carpet making and our customer-focused approach. Its classical and modern hand-woven carpet collection is both bold and unique. With a wide product range as well as wall-to-wall applications, the Wool and Silk Collection maximizes the pleasure you get from your office or living environment. Our hand-woven carpets give you the opportunity to experience new perspectives, new feelings and new passions all through the sophisticated art of our Wool and Silk Collection.

Masterpieces with High Knots

HJR Rugs produces hand-woven carpets to create collections inspired by history. With high-knot density Indian, Persian and Ottoman era designs, the brand procures skeleton warps and wefts from Egyptian cotton and knotting wool from the Himalayas. The brand, producing large-scale carpets for chateaus and hotels as well as houses, aims to produce carpets filled with historical mystery. Using differing environmentally-friendly production techniques, HJR Rugs create solutions respecting the environment not only with their dyes, but also other production techniques.

“Pure Tradition”

“Pure Tradition”
Watch the promotional film directed by Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun, the winner of the 2018 Venice Film Festival award.