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Welcome to Has Halı

We are Has Halı, Turkey's leading maker of artisanal, high-end carpets. We are the carpet company of choice for both Turkish people and companies looking to provide their homes and other spaces with finely-crafted, traditional, contemporary and cutting-edge-design carpets. Our company is family owned and global - mixing generations of expertise with up-to-the-minute technology.


Beyond Tradition

Our carpets are created in a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. Each of our collections is unique and each has a connection to that very first knot made in Kayseri in 1896. Whether you choose a classic, modern or customized piece, you will be taking home not only a carpet, but a part of history – ours and yours.


Tradition, culture and future

We also would like to welcome you to our main office and showroom in Goztepe Park Residence, Istanbul, to experience the beauty of our carpets in person. As a large international company, our staff speaks a wide variety of languages and we are always ready to help you should you have any questions. From private customer to design firms to hotel chains, corporations and film sets, we have the carpets that will make an outstanding addition to any environment.

We invite you to discover our 9 exclusive collections – Pera, Ottoman, Hasipek, Pure, Has Hereke, Floor to Heaven, Wool & Silk, Tissage, HJR Rugs and Art Palace. Each of our carpets has a special beauty and we believe you will find just the right one that brings the artistry of Has Halı and Turkey into your life and home.

We would be happy to let you know more about how we can work with you or how we work with our corporate clients such as major hotels as we did adding our distinct touch to Istanbul’s historic Pera Palace or the contemporary Divan Hotel. Or, we can tell you more about how we can create sumptuous, high-end, bespoke pieces that are completely original and one of a kind. We can also help you discover the secret of our beautiful carpets - namely, the special wool from the sheep of the Erzurum plain. This rare wool has an extraordinarily high amount of lanolin that gives our carpets the strength and durability to be able to be handed down through the ages. Or, if you are curious about the color or sizes or shipping for one carpet or hundreds – no question is ever too large or too small.

We are here to make your experience of acquiring a Has Halı carpet as beautiful as owning one. As we have so many times in the past for our many happy, satisfied customers, we are here to answer your needs, whether it is an office building, a presidential palace, a movie set, a personal yacht or your beautiful home. We have carpets that will add warmth and luxury or a make bold, dynamic statement according to your desires. Welcome, we invite you to view our collection to find the carpets that will become a part of your life and living space. And thank you for letting us share the beauty that is Has Halı with you.


“Pure Tradition”

“Pure Tradition”
Watch the promotional film directed by Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun, the winner of the 2018 Venice Film Festival award.