About Us


About Us

We live together the history, memories, sorrow and joy of Anatolia with our carpets woven knot by knot, row by row since 1896; everything that makes us today who we are. We renew and create permanent values without compromising the rules we define as ‘PURE TRADITION’.


Beyond Traditions

Ahmet Hasoğlu represents the family as the fifth generation in the production of hand-woven carpets; which is our family business and mission that started one hundred and twenty-five years ago.

He added value to turkish hand-made carpet business by winning twice the ‘AMERICA’S MAGNIFICENT CARPET(high level category)’ awards; which is accepted worldwide as the ‘WORLD CARPET OSCAR’ to our country in 2003 and 2006with its team of academicians, pattern&color experts and master weavers.

As ‘HAS HALI’, we compete with ourselves and continue to increase our brand value day by day.


Tradition, Culture and Future

You will definitely get to find a beautiful hand-made carpet for yourself with different price categories from our collections as: Ottoman, Pera, The Museum, Has Hereke, Has İpek, Pure, Hag, Samad, Tissage, Wool&Silk, Art Palace, Selendy and Epoque.

HAS HALI, as a hand-woven carpet and kilim manufacturer company for designers, lux yachts; offers as well Ottoman carpets, Hereke Carpets and carpets for different budgets.


Customized Production

In the 5th generation of this long journey that has been going on since 1896, we combine the knowledge and experience we have gained with your dreams and offer today the opportunity to produce hand-made carpets ‘exclusive for you’.


The elegance of the past touches the future…

By procuring our virgin wool from ‘Erzurum Gavur Mountains’ and the plateaus of ‘Toros’, which are handspun and fully or equivalently natural dyed; we carry our past to the future with these magnificent collections that we produce with full fidelity to tradition.


Pure Tradition

“Pure Tradition”
Watch the promotional film directed by Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun, the winner of the 2018 Venice Film Festival award.